Jozef Badida


Senior Advisor (EU and Central European Energy Markets)


Jozef Badida is an independent energy consultant and lawyer focusing on EU and Central European Energy and Climate Change Policies.


He has been active in the gas industry since 2009 when he began working as an energy and regulatory advisor for GDF Suez management active in Slovakia. He has also been responsible for the implementation of the ITO model within Eustream – Slovak gas TSO as a member of its Coordination Team. In the field of European affairs he has reviewed the effectiveness of the implementation of EU directives into national legislation.


Due to his expertise, Jozef has interacted with several energy stakeholders such as Vice‑President Šefčovič, MEPs, Slovak Ministry of Economy/MFA, Regulatory Authority, and companies.  He has been a manager and speaker at various energy conferences (CEEC in Bratislava, Economic Forum in Krynica) and an organiser of the project (Energy Days in Slovakia) promoting sustainable development in energy (RES, buildings renovation) and transportation (EC, CNG). Jozef regularly contributes to various energy-oriented magazines (European Energy Review, Energy Post), delivers guest lectures and has regularly been interviewed by media.



Senior Advisor (EU and Central European Energy Markets)