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An internationally recognized authority on geopolitics, energy diplomacy, and investment, Mehmet has built significant knowledge, experience and network with particular geographic focus on Europe, Turkey, Central Asia, Russia, Africa, the Middle East and China. Based in London, Paris, and Istanbul, his professional career over the past 35 years has included high-level government, business, and public diplomacy engagements. Currently, Mehmet chairs Global Resources Partnership, a UK strategic advisory group, sits on the boards of Genel Energy plc and Sisecam Group, and serves as Special Envoy of The Energy Charter for MENA Region, and Chair of The Bosphorus Energy Club, an exclusive gathering of the senior executives and leaders in finance, energy and politics across the world.



  • As a former diplomat (1986-1994), having served in Ankara, Brussels, and Paris, Mehmet worked as an advisor to the late Turkish Prime Minister, Turgut Özal, and contributed to improving Turkey’s relations with Europe in the aftermath of the 1980 military coup, designed and helped execution of the trade and investment volume expansion between Turkey and China while in the Turkish Embassy in Beijing, 1989-1991.


  • After a stint in the Turkish Delegation to the OECD, he joined the International Energy Agency in Paris as a senior staffer, established its first China, Russia and India programmes of co-operation and collaboration,
    organised a series of dialogue events and technical assistance programmes on energy security, efficiency, technology deployment and finance, climate change and natural gas market development, and authored IEA’s pioneering China publication: “China’s quest for energy security worldwide”, 1994-2000.


  • In compliance with the G-7 mandate, Mehmet established the OECDMENA Investment and Governance Programme, the South East Europe’s Investment Compact, raised funds to implement these programmes, and helped achieve several trackable policy reforms across the Middle East and Gulf countries, Emerging Asia, Africa, and Central Asia. Developed OECD’s “New Horizons for Foreign Direct Investment” programme, 2000-2005.


  • Until 2011, Mehmet was Director for British Gas (BG) Group in London, one of the world’s largest natural gas and petroleum multinationals, managing high-level government engagements in support of the company’s global assets and new business development. He opened the way for BG’s entry into China, Turkmenistan, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Oman, and Brazil for exploration, power generation and refineries, and managed the dispute settlement with Kazakhstan and Algeria, 2005-2011.


  • He served as the chairman of International Advisory Board for Invensys plc, a FTSE 100 technology company, and helped win several high-profile contracts including four nuclear power plants in China, Jeddah-Mecca railway signalization, Marmaray automation and safety project and Kazakhstan’s Kashagan pipeline project. He worked as an independent board member of Yasar Holding Group (major food and beverage conglomerate) for three years and senior advisor to the Saudi Crown Investment Holding.


  • Mehmet founded and is still chairing The Bosphorus Energy Club, an exclusive membership-only gathering of the key shakers and movers in the energy and geopolitical world of Eurasia, the MENA, the Gulf, and Southeast Europe. The last of the Club’s seven annual summits took place on 10 July 2017 in connection with the World Petroleum Congress. The Club also serves as a Track-II energy diplomacy channel as well as a discreet but powerful summit of the top decision-makers for regional issues and projects, 2011-present.


  • As an entrepreneur, he has created Global Resources Partnership as a boutique advisory group with top experts and advisors in the international market and served clients such as Chevron, SOCAR, CNPC, Gazprom, KMG, DFID, BG Group, Shell, Gunvor and Petronas on asset due diligence, stakeholder engagement, fund raising, 2011-present.


  • Mehmet helped engineer the reverse takeover of Genel Energy, an Iraqi Kurdistan E&P group, by Vallares, a LSE-listed financial shell company owned by Nat Rotschilds, Tony Hayward and Julian Metherell and since then has been an effective independent member of the board of directors, overseeing engagement with Kurdish authorities, new business, refinancing of bonds as well as audit, nomination and health and safety committees, 2011-present.


  • Since 2015, he has been an independent board member of Sisecam Group, the world’s third largest glass company with manufacturing and trading operations across the world.
    Academic and freelance achievements


  • Mehmet is a graduate of Turkey’s “Mulkiye”, London School of Economics (MSc) and College d’Europe (MA), Bruges. As an honorary fellow, he teaches occasionally at London School of Economics’ Enterprise Executive Programme, Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, Dundee University, and University of Reading since 2005.


  • Mehmet has built an extensive public roles profile. He is a regular contributor to Dünya, Bloomberg, CNBC, CNNTurk, Hürriyet Daily News, World Journal of Trade and Investment, Euroactiv, Moscow Times, Capital, Bloomberg and OECD Observer. He is also a freelance speaker in international conferences and appears regularly on France-24, Israel’s i24NEWS, BBC, NTV, CNNTurk, Russian Television, Romania’s Diplomatic Passport and BloombergHT.


  • His recent book, a best-seller from Dogan Publishing, features “The New Great Game: Where we stand and what awaits us?”, April 2017. Some of his other publications include, inter alia: New Horizons for Foreign Direct Investment (OECD, 2001), Need for a Longer-Term Western Strategy For Eurasian Energy (Kluwer Law International, 1996), Islam and the West: Can Turkey bridge the gap? (Futures, Cambridge, 1995), Rising Asia: What It Means For Us? (Imge, 1998), A New Economic Diplomacy Strategy (TUSIAD, 1998), China’s Quest For Energy Security Worldwide (International Energy Agency, 2000), Policy Reforms for Improved Investment Climate in Ukraine, with Anna StepanenkoMalan (OECD, 2002), Turkey’s 2023 roadmap (Etkilesim, 2005), The Geopolitical Impact of Unconventional Hydrocarbons (Gulf Strategic Research Center, 2010), Financing China’s Green Energy Revolution: Opportunities and Risks (Windsor Energy Group, 2017), Killing the Perennial Lies in Turco-EU Relations (EU Observer, July 2017).


His key strengths and potential contributions

  • Full grasp of public administration, international organisations, financial institutions, business world, corporate board rooms, and advisory services in which he has worked;
  • International best practices, wide and influential network of, and access to, government, business and financial world leaders locally and globally;
  • Deep knowledge of energy and infrastructure sectors including business development, project finance, refinancing, HSSE and risk mitigation;
  • Diplomatic and negotiating skills required to pave the ground for business development, funding, dispute settlement and stakeholder relationship;
  • Effective media communications, writing and speaking talent for reputation enhancement and message development/transmission; and
  • Personal charisma, foresight, tact and leadership to provide strategic guidance, assurance and motivation to the Board and senior management.


He is fluent in Turkish, English, French, and Mandarin (conversational). An effective user of social media. He holds Turkish and French citizenship, and is UK permanent resident and US Green Card holder.


Contact details

5 Cremorne Road SW100NA London UK

and +44 7557 762802




Mehmet Öğütçü

“Yaşadığımız dönemde tarihi bir değişime tanıklık ediyoruz; Batı’dan Doğu’ya muazzam bir güç kayması var. Sadece ekonomide değil, jeopolitik alanda, enerjide, finansta, teknolojide ve değerler sisteminde de bu kayma yaşanıyor. Kendimizi ülke, şirketler ve bireyler olarak yeniden konumlandırmak zorundayız.”


Hükümet, diplomasi, uluslararası kuruluşlar, bankacılık ve enerji sektöründe 30 yılı aşkın süredir, başarılı bir kariyere sahip olan Mehmet Öğütçü halen, merkezi Londra’da bulunan Global Resources Partnership‘in Başkanlığını yürütüyor. Aynı zamanda, bölgemizdeki enerji bakanlarını ve şirket başkanlarını münhasır bir çatı altında bir araya getiren The Bosphorus Energy Club’un Kurucusu ve İcra Başkanı.


Genel Energy plc ve Şişecam Grup Bağımsız Yönetim Kurulu Üyeliği, Brüksel’deki Energy Charter teşkilatının Asya-Pasifik ve Ortadoğu/Körfez bölgeleri özel elçiliği görevlerini de sürdürüyor.


Türk Hükümeti tarafından 85 ülkenin üye olduğu dünyanın en büyük enerji teşkilatı International Energy Forum‘un genel sektererliğine aday gösterildi; 25 aday arasından ilk ikiye girdi.


Windsor Energy Group, European Policy Forum, The Oil Council ve Beijing Energy Club Uluslararası Danışma Kurulu Üyesi Öğütçü, altı yıl boyunca İngiltere’de BG (British Gas) Group’un Dış İlişkiler ve Hükümetlerle İlişkiler Direktörlüğünü (2005-2011) yürüttü.


Mehmet Öğütçü, 2000’den itibaren beş yıl süreyle Paris’te “Zenginler Kulübü” OECD’nin “Global Forum on International Investment” ve bölgesel programlarının Başkanlığını yaptı. 1994-2000 arasında ise International Energy Agency‘de Asya-Pasifik ve Latin Amerika bölümünün baş yöneticisiydi.


Daha öncesinde  Ankara, Pekin, Brüksel ve Paris‘te Türk diplomatı olarak görevler üstlenen Öğütçü, İş Bankası‘nda müfettiş yardımcısı, Brüksel’de NATO araştırma uzmanı, AB Jean Monnet Fellow’un ve eski Başbakan Turgut Özal‘ın danışmanı olarak çalıştı.


Öğütçü, 1983’de Ankara Üniversitesi Siyasal Bilgiler Fakültesi Uluslararası İlişkiler Bölümü’nü bitirdikten sonra London School of Economics (LSE)‘den Uluslararası Ekonomi üzerine yüksek lisans derecesi aldı. Daha sonra, Bruges‘deki College d’Europe‘da Avrupa Yönetimi alanında master yapan Öğütçü, halen zaman zaman LSE, Reading University, Dundee University ve Harvard‘ta “Enerji Jeopolitiği”, “Rekabet Gücü ve Kalkınma İçin Yatırım” konularında ders veriyor.


“2023 Türkiye Rüyası”, “Geleceğimiz Asya’da mı?”, “Enerjide Oyun Değiştirici Gelişmeler ve Türkiye”, “Yeni Ekonomik Süpergüç Çin”, “Türkiye için yeni bir ekonomik diplomasi stratejisi” kitaplarının yazarı.


Çin, Rusya, Orta Asya, Ortadoğu ve Türkiye ile ilgili enerji, jeopolitika ve yatırım konularında, uluslararası alanda tanınmış bir otorite kabul edilen Öğütçü, Capital Dergisi, BusinessWeek, Dünya, CNBC, CNNTürk, Hürriyet Daily News, Moscow Times, International Herald Tribune, Europe Natural Gas, World Journal of Trade and Investment ve OECD Observer gibi yayınlara yazılı/sözlü katkı sağlıyor.


Türkçenin yanı sıra İngilizce, Fransızca ve konuşma düzeyinde Çince biliyor.


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