A strategic advisory champion for investment in energy and natural resources


Global Resources Partnership (GRP) has been in business since 2011
covering Turkey, Caspian, Central Asia, South East Europe, East Mediterranean, Middle East, Africa, China and North America.


Its founder and staff have a successful working track-record of more than 250 years all combined.


GRP’s headquarters are located in London and it has additional partner offices in Paris, Brussels, Washington DC, Tokyo, Oslo, Beijing, Moscow, Astana, Baku, Geneva, Athens, Istanbul, Dubai, Tehran, Erbil and Tripoli.

Investment in, and fund-raising

We bring investors and raise funds for energy and natural resources projects and deals through private groups, endowments, Exim banks, development banks, international financial institutions,sovereign wealth funds, pension funds and public-private partnerships.


Thanks to our well tested and proven network and special relationships, we pave the ground for major partnerships, mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, IPOs, commodity trading and business growth initiatives.

Due diligence

For companies and assets selected for investment, and/or financing, we undertake rigorous political, commercial and technical due diligence, and provide unique insights, communications tools and achieve stakeholder engagement.

Promoting privileged dialogue

One of our comparative strengths is to enhance the channels of dialogue and partnership between corporate and government leaders in energy, investment and geopolitics. Please consult www.bosphorusenergyclub.org


Since its founding early this decade, Global Resources Partnership has undertaken a wide range of advisory projects and assignments for national and international groups including:

  • tusiadtusiad
  • turkmengazturkmengaz
  • StatoilStatoil
  • SocarSocar
  • Oil CouncilOil Council
  • EgegazEgegaz
  • BPBP
  • BG GroupBG Group
  • BosphorusBosphorus



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