Global Resources Partners (GRP) has been in business since 2011
covering Turkey, Caspian, Central Asia, South East Europe, East Mediterranean, Middle East, Africa, China and North America.


Its founder and staff have a successful working track-record of more than 250 years all combined.


GRP’s headquarters are located in London and it has additional partner offices in Paris, Brussels, Washington DC, Tokyo, Oslo, Beijing, Moscow, Astana, Baku, Geneva, Athens, Istanbul, Dubai, Tehran, Erbil and Tripoli.






Global Resources Partners
(“GRP”) is a UK-based energy, natural resources and investment advisory group focusing primarily on four main areas of business:

• Creating business growth, value and opportunities for companies and investors while at the same time  effectively mitigating risks;

• Fund-raising, both equity and debt, for major projects and M&A deals;

• Facilitating trading of major commodities between buyers and sellers; and

• Providing first-hand strategic intelligence, due diligence, communications, negotiations and capacity development for companies, investors, governments and international organisations.


Together with its partners, GRP has expanded its regional business and is in the process of concluding several transactions in Africa, Central Asia, Turkey, Middle East and China.


In addition to its competent in-house team, GRP also keeps under its umbrella a powerful network of experts, advisors and freelancers in energy, finance and natural resources. It enjoys the facilities of strategic partners in Paris, Brussels, Washington DC, Tokyo, Oslo, Beijing, Moscow, Astana, Baku, Geneva, Athens, Istanbul Dubai, Tehran, Erbil and Tripoli.


In fulfilling its transactions and advisory services, GRP has entered into a long-standing working relationship with HSBC, NatWest, Rothschild Bank, Garanti Bankasi, as well as with PwC, KPMG, Norton Rose Fulbright LLP, Kolcuoglu Law Firm and McGuireWoods London LLP in accountancy, law and banking.

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lucian-popescus-amazing-3d-printed-pandov-chess-set-now-completed-2Our strategy can be described in simple terms as being based upon using:


  • Our distinctive talents;
  • Capital and network.


As well as delivery capabilities to ;

  • build market share and
  • increase investors’ value.





We apply inspiration, imagination and creativity for high performance.


We adapt, grow and swiftly change for a sustainable future.


We meet our commitments, act ethically and respect others’ perspectives.


We develop and recognise high performance, contribution and achievement.


mmIn defining our GRP Values, we pulled from the strong cultures that already existed and reflected how our people said they wanted to behave and be treated as GRP team members.  GRP values point to how we conduct business and how we work with each other, our customers and all the people who interact with GRP.


As a credit to our people, the Values of Agility, Innovation, Integrity and Performance have been eagerly accepted and our staff continue to be passionate about their application in their roles.

Corporate Responsibility


https://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photography-eco-energy-icons-set-illustration-eps-image34882487GRP is committed to supporting the principles of economic success, environmental stewardship, diversity and social responsibility. We believe that by acting as a responsible global citizen, we will not only minimize business risk but also enhance our reputation as a business partner.


Countering Bribery 


GRP is committed to achieving its business goals legitimately and we require our staff and partners to strictly obey all relevant laws.  We explicitly prohibit offering or accepting a bribe in any form for the purpose of obtaining or retaining business or to gain an improper advantage for GRP.

The prohibition applies to bribes made directly or through third parties, including attorneys, agents, consultants, advisors, suppliers, and customers.  To educate our employees on this important issue, training on avoiding bribery and corruption has been delivered to all GRP employees through our ongoing Compliance Programme.

We use an external service to help avoid doing business with bribe payers, and we dismiss any employee proven to violate the anti-bribery provisions of the Code of Conduct.  We have a procedure and due diligence reporting programme for working with agents in order to ensure that the proper compliance mechanisms are in place


Health and Safety


Health and safety are intrinsic to our operations and our value propositions. We hold ourselves accountable for safeguarding the health and safety of our employees, contractors and partners.

We continually raise awareness of safety issues among employees and provide relevant training. We set targets and objectives for safety performance and measure our progress on a continual basis. We evaluate our performance, and recognize both individual and organizational achievements.




Led by Mehmet Öğütçü


Stephen Jones
Senior Advisor (Special Projects Strategic Communications)
Jacques Robinson
Senior Advisor (Oil, Gas & LNG Development and Operational Transformation)
Lynn Croas
Partner, Global Resources Trading and Investment
Kaher Tahat
Partner, Global Resources Trading and Investment
Pierce Kerby
Partner, Global Resources Trading and Investment



Since its founding early this decade, Global Resources Partners has undertaken a wide range of advisory projects and assignments for national and international groups including: