The life of human beings and other species have deep relations with the earth.  The earth provides everything we need including our food, water, energy and minerals.  Natural resources are capital converted to commodity inputs to infrastructural capital processes.  A nation’s natural resources often determine its wealth and status in the world economic system, by determining its political influence.

In recent years, the depletion of natural capital and attempts to move to sustainable development has been a major focus of governments, corporations and international organisations.  This is the heart of our business at Global Resources Partners (GRP), supplying solutions and deals as a regional champion in oil, gas, refinery, power, mining, and water across the globe and in particular Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and Eurasia.

Headquartered in London, with offices in Washington DC, Paris, Beijing, Istanbul, Moscow, Brussels, Astana, Erbil, Dubai and Tripoli, GRP employs a world-class team of managerial, advisory, technical, financial and commercial executives and advisors.

With its vast knowledge of and experience in Central Asia/Caspian, MENA, EU, China and Turkey, GRP also promotes global understanding of regional energy issues and action-oriented dialogue among business and government leaders.  An international advisory board consisting of prominent CEOs, politicians, diplomats, business executives and bankers guides its activities.


GRP’s primary areas of business

– strategic asset acquisition in natural resources including energy, water, mining and commodities

– innovative investment, finance, fund management and high-tech products/services for projects and transactions

– Oil, gas, mining and refinery services, engineering, automation, safety, corporate advisory

– government relations, stakeholder engagement and strategic communications

– Wealth management, property development