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A strategic advisory champion for investment in energy and natural resources


Global Resources Partners (GRP) has been in business since 2011
covering Turkey, Caspian, Central Asia, South East Europe, East Mediterranean, Middle East, Africa, China and North America.


Its founder and staff have a successful working track-record of more than 250 years all combined.


GRP’s headquarters are located in London and it has additional partner offices in Paris, Brussels, Washington DC, Tokyo, Oslo, Beijing, Moscow, Astana, Baku, Geneva, Athens, Istanbul, Dubai, Tehran, Erbil and Tripoli.


    Global Resources Partners (“GRP”) is a UK-based investment, energy and resources strategic advisory group focusing primarily on three main areas of business:


  • Creating business growth and investment opportunities for companies while at the same time mitigating risks through stakeholder engagement;


  • Raising innovative finance for major projects and M&A deals;


  • Gathering and customising strategic intelligence, undertaking due dilligence and capacity development programmes for companies, governments and international organisations.


    Founded in 2011, GRP has vast knowledge of, and experience on Central Asia/Caspian basin, MENA/Gulf region, Africa, China, South East Europe and Turkey.


    It also keeps under GRPs umbrella a powerful network of experts, advisors and freelancers in energy and natural resources as well as a web of strategic partners across the world.


      GRP combines a specific blend of skill sets to perform:


      • Mergers & Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, Alliances, Partnerships


      • Fund raising for projects and deals


      • Commodity trading


      • Corporate restructurings and turnarounds


      • Management Buy-Outs/Buy-Ins


      • Project Development


      • Strategy and Business Development


      • Political intelligence, strategic communications and stakeholder engagement


      • Executive Search and Coaching


    Global Resources Partners Ltd. has undertaken several key projects and deals and completed them with success. Among them are:


  • Advising a major UK natural gas company on business development and stakeholder engagement in Turkmenistan;


  • Helping a Spanish automation/signalization company win a significant railway contract in Turkey;


  • Leading the efforts of a major US private equity group build a pipeline of deals for investment in Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan;


  • Contributing to the risk mitigation strategy of a major German company in Egypt;


  • Working with a state-owned Chinese corporation in identifying extractive industries business opportunities in Africa;


  • Acting as the family office in London for two prominent family-owned conglomerates on the purchase of oil, gas and mining assets in Africa, North Sea, and Canada;


  • Advising a leading UK private equity group on its acquisition of a Turkish food and beverage company as well as on the scanning of media sector investment options and risks;


  • Partnering with a medium-size US water extraction company for mega-watershed investment projects in Turkey, the Middle East and Central Asia;


  • Undertaking political and reputational risk due diligence for acquisitions in Russia and Kazakhstan;


  • Helping a FTSE-100 UK firm secure contract for several nuclear power safety and automation systems in China;


  • Advising several emerging economies’ companies for going IPO in London, Toronto and Hong Kong;


  • Intermediating for crude oil sales from a Middle Eastern producer to a Chinese refinery


  • Achieving transaction for a Gulf family investment house on an Australian mining project.