The Game-Changers in World Energy: Geopolitical Implications

22:15 28 November in ARTICLES, PUBLICATIONS

Turkish Policy Quarterly | 28 November 2013 |  Mehmet Öğütçü The Game-Changers in World Energy: Geopolitical Implications  The forward march of globalization has paused since the financial crisis, giving way to a more conditional, interventionist, and nationalist model of development. The geopolitical scene is strongly affected by factors related...

The Economics and politics of corruption: Fighting for a “Clean government and business” in Turkey

13:56 12 June in ARTICLES, In English, PUBLICATIONS

Turkish Policy Quarterly | Fall 2003  Mehmet Öğütçü |  Let’s make no mistake: Corruption is a global virus inflicting, in varying degrees, all countries, developing and developed alike. With their strict property rights, mature institutions and well-paid civil servants; developed countries are less likely to suffer from systemic...

Is the middle kingdom the world’s new ‘economic messiah’?

15:34 17 October in ACTUAL

Mehmet Öğütçü - 17 Oct 2011 - London Increasingly, the Middle Kingdom, or China, has been viewed as the new “messiah” of the world economy, amid speculation that a second-dip world crisis is on the horizon, with a low probability that existing stimulus measures, announced because...