Aynur Tattersall

Director, Strategic Communications

Aynur Tattersall, a journalist, life coach and communication consultant, has long been in the business of written, broadcast and social media.

She provides special courses for companies and local governments on media and leadership, as well as strategic consultancy to UNESCO’s world heritage projects.

To date, she conducted exclusive interviews with world leaders from Boris Johnson to Nicolas Sarkozy, from Tayyip Erdoğan to Angela Merkel, from Roger Federer to İlham Aliyev, from Melinda Gates to Jens Stoltenberg.

She is also a travel and cuisine journalist, publishing in Hürriyet Travel, Dunya Sunday, DHA, BusinessWeek and Travel Magazine.

After her journalism education in Turkey and the UK, she went through dozens of courses in London, San Francisco and New York on digital media and strategic communications. and she has given and is giving lectures.

She can be reached at a.tattersall@globalresourcespartnership.com

+44 7900088252