Dr. Mehmet Arif Yukler

Senior Advisor (Oil and Gas Field Development)
  • Dr.Arif_YuklerTurkish-American nationalities.
  • Over 40years experience in the international oil & gas industry, and has advised companies and government entities of all size from small caps to super-majors, as well as state regulatory authorities on the management of resources and exploration areas.
  • Recognized as the father of quantitative basin modeling with fully registered YUKLER3D, YUKLER2D, YUKLER1D and YUKLERPC softwares. Dr. Yukler’s studies led to discoveries of more than 80 oil and gas fields worldwide.
  • Dr. Yukler has held numerous senior executive roles at energy companies and Renaissance Capital Invesment Bank throughout his career. He also had the Nordic Ministerat Professor position at the University of Bergen, Norway, where he taught quantitative basin modeling, exploration and exploitation in the North Sea and petroleum economics.
  • Trained at Shell, MS and PhD in Geology from the University of Kansas as Fullbright Scholar, and BS and MSc in Petroleum Engineering from Istanbul Technical University. Dr. Yukler has published more than 30 research articles.