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Dr. Murat Sonmez is an Electrical Engineer with nearly 25 years of professional and entrepreneur experience in ICT, Energy, and Services sectors. Dr. Sonmez initiated and managed half a Billion US$ direct investment from China to Turkey in Energy sector, and initiated/involved many other projects with Chinese SOE (State Owned Enterprise) in Railroads/Tourism sectors.

Murat worked in a startup in the Silicon Valley USA, and then continued his tenure at Bell Labs (1999-2004) within the innovative R&D arm of Lucent Technologies where he developed advanced technologies in the Telecommunications Sector. Murat was on the founding members’ team of Agere Systems when it was spun off from Lucent Technologies for a record IPO in the semiconductor industry. Murat later held the Director of Infrastructure position in a GSM operator for 5 years.

Dr. Sonmez holds a Ph.D. degree from University of Pittsburgh (USA), and an M.Sc. degree from Syracuse University (USA), both in Electrical Engineering. During his research tenure at the University of Pittsburgh, Dr. Sonmez invented a novel approach to Electroencephalogram (EEG) Inverse Mapping, and received the “Best Ph.D. Research” award in that year. Upon graduation he was awarded a fellowship from the United States’ National Research Council to work at their Naval Health Research Center (NHRC) in San Diego. His project addressed alertness monitoring of navy pilots by EEG analysis.

Dr. Sonmez was Adjunct Professor in Rutgers University (2002), and Stevens Institute of Technology (2001-2007), teaching several Engineering Graduate courses, where he delivered many invited talks and keynote speeches in international conference.