Marat Terterov

Senior Advisor (Russia & Ukraine & Caucasus)

Marat Terterov

Senior Advisor for Russia, Ukraine and Trans-Caucasus


Marat is the founder and Principal Director of the European Geopolitical Forum.

He has also set up the Brussels Energy Club.
He has worked as a consultant and adviser under a number of government related and inter-state organisations, including the Department of Trade and Industry in London, USAID in Cairo, the Foreign Ministry of Egypt, the Energy Charter Secretariat in Brussels and a range of projects in the former-Soviet states.

He is active in wider-Eurasian decision making advisory circles, as well as the corporate world, and is a visiting lecturer at the University of Kent in Brussels.

He contributes actively to debates on numerous global issues through television, the print media and the Internet, as well as numerous international speaker events.

He speaks English, Russian and is conversant in Egyptian Arabic.