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Enhancing cultural awareness crucial for international business success

18:09 20 February in ARTICLES, In English

www.hurriyetdailynews.com| February 20 2018 Ferhan Alesi and Mehmet Öğütçü In today’s world, the rate of return, supply chain, regulatory requirements, compliance, tax incentives, infrastructure, enabling environment and shareholder value are all crucial factors in business decisions and executing deals between contracted parties. But business leaders must also know that...

Will Turkey and Russia become ‘strategic allies’ or sustain a ‘marriage of convenience’?

03:05 16 February in ARTICLES, In English, PUBLICATIONS

www.hurriyetdailynews.com | February 16 2018 | By MEHMET ÖĞÜTÇÜ There is never a dull moment between Russia and Turkey. The last three years have seen a crisis triggered by a shot-down Russian warplane, a flurry of economic sanctions, signing multibillion dollar energy projects, coordinated diplomatic efforts in Syria, Ankara’s purchase...

Can trade repair frayed Turkey-EU-US ties?

16:38 15 April in ARTICLES, In English, PUBLICATIONS

Hürriyet Daily News | April 15 2017 MEHMET ÖĞÜTÇÜ - SANFORD HENRY* Turkey’s fractious relationship with the European Union may well deteriorate further after the April 16 referendum. Turkish voters are being asked to approve a slew of constitutional amendments, the most important of which will entrench...